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Invest in the 10 best mutual funds. Equity, ELSS, debt, liquid.100% paperless

Scripbox makes it super easy to invest in the best mutual funds. All you need to do is choose your investment time frame, and the app will recommend the best mutual funds for that goal. The process is 100% paperless and you can invest in equity, tax saving (ELSS), debt and liquid mutual funds through an SIP or one time investments.
In addition to scientifically selecting the best funds, Scripbox also has an annual review process that ensures you stay invested in the best mutual funds for your goal. It also takes care of exit load and provides a tax efficient solution when you’re withdrawing your mutual fund investments.

The Scripbox app has a Learn section with comprehensive articles on personal finance, best investment practices like SIP, wealth management that help you learn more about planning and investing for specific goals, and using the right mutual funds for the purpose – tax saving, retirement, child’s education, buying a home, and so on. The Plan section in the app has calculators that do everything from a 3 minute wealth check up to helping you calculate your taxes, how much wealth you would need for retirement or your child’s education, and the amount you would need to invest monthly in mutual fund SIPs to reach that goal. Together these sections simplify your investment decisions and make your financial planning efficient.

Scripbox provides financial solutions for all your lifestage needs. All you need to do is define your purpose – long- term (retirement, child’s education, buying a home etc.), short (buying a car, dream vacation, etc.), creating an emergency fund or tax saving – and we’ll help you start. Scripbox algorithmically selects the best mutual funds suited for your purpose and through a 100% paperless process, helps you automate your investments through a SIP so you build a healthy investing habit. For instance, if your goal is tax saving, Scripbox helps you invest in the best two tax saving (ELSS) mutual funds, and will even have your tax proof sent you within 3 working days! You can log in anytime to monitor how you’re doing against your goal. When you meet your goal and have to withdraw your mutual fund investments, Scripbox ensures you don’t lose out to exit loads, or capital gains (STCG or LTCG).

Scripbox has been voted by LinkedIn as the second most influential financial services brand worldwide. It has customers in 1250+ cities who have invested more than Rs. 900+ crores in mutual funds.

App Highlights
The Scripbox app is a complete financial planning tool that helps you learn, calculate and invest for your financial goals using the best mutual funds.
The Learn section helps you improve your money skills and learn more mutual funds and SIPs through engaging and popular articles on finances already liked by millions of Indians.

With the Plan section, you can –
Get a complete wealth check-up
Calculate investments for tax saving
Know how much you will need for retirement and how you can plan for it with SIPs in mutual funds
Learn how you can finance your children’s education
Achieve a specific goal amount using mutual funds
Invest – Use your PAN to easily sign-up for Scripbox and invest in carefully and scientifically selected mutual funds, for your long-term needs (4 equity mutual funds), short-term needs(3 debt mutual funds), tax saving (2 ELSS mutual funds) and emergencies (1 debt mutual fund with a debit card). Set up your account for SIPs to automate your investments.

Join a community of 1 million+ Indians who are working towards becoming financially


independent, and use Scripbox to help them get a better understanding of personal finance, mutual funds and best investment practices like SIPs.

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