Download Act it out and make money by zipepe mobile appDownload Act it out and make money by zipepe mobile app

“Act It Out” is a platform that connects Aspiring actors and Production houses.

Why can’t you give an audition online?!!

In today’s world of high tech devices and internet if one can apply for a job online.Why is the location a hindrance between you and your dreams?

Wooshhh!!! Welcome to AIO an Actors delight and a blessing in disguise for Production houses to unearth the sea of talent spread all over India and abroad. AIO is a web platform, to bridge the gap between Aspiring actors and the Production houses in the Media and Entertainment Industry.

Production houses from all backgrounds like Film Production houses, Advertising Agencies, Event Organisers, Corporate, Theaters, Documentaries, Web-Series etc can upload their requirements on AIO. Aspirants look into the requirements and if they think they fit the role they can record and upload their best shot!
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